Wire ware for a sleeker dinner table

Serving food in style has been buzzing ever since Instagram became popular. Food outlets are racing to master the art of food presentation of everything — from simple French fries to those sumptuous main courses and sweet desserts. Chefs are artists who visualize their final dish on display and process them during different stages of cooking. They sew meats, make fashionable cuts and use unique molds for poured dishes. Some schools of thought, like French nouvelle cuisine, emphasize minimalism while others create complicated compositions based on modern aesthetic principles.


We, at buyhoreca, are surprised by the popularity and versatility of wired dishes. Our Artisan collection has a wide variety, the popular Tablecraft BK17508 oblong black wire basket is powder coated for a durable finish and sleek design, perfect for the buffet to the table top.

This modern design metal wire basket provides trendy versatility for any serving purposes. You can also add a modern touch to your food presentation with the Tablecraft AC57 Vertigo 7″ appetizer cone.

Serve everything from fries, chicken fingers, chips and other “finger” foods with Tablecraft’s innovative appetizer cone at your restaurant, bar, or pizzeria. The appetizer cones are anyways, a trendy way to display side dishes.

From our Mediterranean collection, the Tablecraft BK27508 round black wire basket is powder coated for a durable finish. You can use this attractive basket to display a wide variety of bread, pastries, fruits, and snacks.

You can also choose the 12″ x 18″ wire basket to display bagels, donuts, pastries, for guests and customers to see everything that is available to purchase. Wired tableware is not restricted to serving dishes at buyhoreca.

Our Gemelli™ Bottle Set embraces Oil & Vinegar glass bottles on a stainless steel wire rack. These are just some of it and you can browse our store to choose your needs.
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