Know your seafood ‘crackers’

Food etiquette lovers feel exotic while holding the aristocracy of seven or eleven-course dinners. Thankfully, fine dining properties serve the style, very much like that of a king or a queen during the medieval times.

Yet, most diners are anxious about not knowing how to use forks right, hold knives and how to begin dinner at a formal setting. 

And if seafood is mentioned, some diners dread at making a mess of those delicious lobsters, crabs, and juicy shrimps. Most diners avoid the items just because they don’t want a messy table. 

At Buyhoreca, we have solutions for eating seafood with ease. We provide silverware for easy seafood dining. Chefs can suggest these unique crackers and thank us later for the satisfied customers. 

The unique Tablecraft 515 red enamel cast aluminum lobster/shellfish cracker is ideal for any lobster fest or seafood restaurant. 

It features claw-shaped handles for a sturdy grip and decorative flair. This cracker is multi-functional with jagged teeth and a smooth clamp to crack open different sized and textured shellfish. Its pointed handles and sharp edges let customers savor every bit of seafood. 

The chrome plated round handle lobster cracker is extremely durable and will be able to help guests take on lobster shells effortlessly. 

It also has a mirror finish to add a touch of sophistication to any table display and its made for professional use. Cracks round handles can withstand the rigours that come with eating lobster and other crustaceans

Supply your customers with chrome plated 6″ shellfish forks when serving shellfish to ensure they are able to get all the tasty meat.

Remember, at buyhoreca, we have everything you need. Search for stylish fish forks and other seafood specials in our store. Feel free to browse the grand collection of options to suit your need at

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